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Tinder, Bumble, OkCupidMatch does not allow you to delete your profile. You can cancel your subscription, or make your profile invisible, but you cannot delete it.

Although the practice of not allowing users to delete their profile is not illegal as far as I can tell, it is essentially kidnapping of your data and your online identity. Even the much more casual apps like Tinder do not do what Match does.

This hijacking mentality of Match disgusts me. UPDATE: Bumping from 1 to 3 stars as after 1 an de dating customer service, someone was able to delete my profile by hand.

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viteza datând luxemburg, the process is still manual and in my case took approximately a week. It would be nice if this could be automated and users given the ability to do so themselves.

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Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiHello there! We can assist you with deleting your profile!

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Please send us a message at appreviews support. We look forward to hearing from you! I had been married for 10 years and felt confused about how to find a solid guy.

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My friends said try online dating so I did. Over the years I have tried several sites That is until Match. The truth is I had given up. I thought all the good guys were taken.

That is until my last week. Just when I was about to give up- Dating proiect rezumat met the greatest most loving beautiful man.

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In the end when I opened up the miles to allow for more matches it made an enormous difference! Match works. If you want a serious relationship it works.

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I just recently became a paying member about a month ago. As a paying member I was offered free dating coaching. I decided to try it out. It was a Friday night and I had no other plans.

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Anyway, Mac answers the phone with a very friendly and encouraging tone, and we start chatting. We discussed demographics and other ways to increase traffic and responses. We also talked about the fact that there are a lot of people on the site that are not paying members.

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They can still read your messages, but they cannot respond. There is a service that they offer, for a monthly fee, where your matches can respond to your messages!

We discussed this in detail as well.

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The phone session was very pleasant and I learned a lot. I was starting to get a bit discouraged, but Mac was great at encouraging and helping me out. Thanks again Mac! Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiWow! We're so glad that Mac gave you a world class Date Coaching session and answered all of your questions.

Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance

We're so excited for you to put all of these great tips in action! Confidențialitatea aplicației Vedeți detaliile Dezvoltatorul, Match Group, LLC, a indicat că practicile de confidențialitate ale aplicației pot include gestionarea datelor conform descrierii de mai jos.

Pentru informații suplimentare, consultați politica de confidențialitate a dezvoltatorului. Date asociate cu dvs. Următoarele date pot fi colectate și asociate identității dvs.

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