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Sirius and Percy finish their goodbyes and hop on the train, both searching for an empty compartment.

All the others are taken Very cute. She looks around and feels a bit awkward being surrounded by a bunch of boys. She laughs and shakes her head. Meanwhile, Persephone, Remus and Matthew share the joy of being able to learn everything that the books are promising. Suddenly the compartment door opens at once and a little girl with thick, auburn hair steps in. Uhm, the one about the greatest wizard, not the goats. Matt picks them and places them on top of a trunk. Emily sits comfortably next to Percy and quickly starts talking to her.

Sirius is ready to defend his friend, but Matthew intervenes faster.

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James insists on continuing the argument and the new boy who introduced himself as Severus argues back in support of Slytherin. You could be Ravenclaws for all you know! Persephone punches his arm. What was that for?

What do you say, Matt? I had to chase him around! Did I had the wrong impression all this time? Is that why he hates me? No names?

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He looks down to the book in his hand and swears internally. I was on my way to get something to eat, want to join me? He fixes his tie and nods. Matthew leaves her there and both, Percy and Lily stare at her with knowing grins.

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She refuses to meet their gazes. When Emily walks into the classroom she finds the strangest scene in front of her.

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Percy is seated next to James, Remus and Sirius, who looks strangely grumpy. Across the room, Lily, Jenna and Matthew are sharing a table, and the only free spot is right next to the boy. She smiles at him and Matthew smiles back. She really likes his smile. You look pretty today. I mean— Handsome. Does that mean we can be friends? Sirius guffaws. I thought you were the one who was going to let me live in his basement!

I bet the girls have been expecting this for ages. A general mumble of agreement spreads around them. Sirius punches his arm and raises his voice slightly.

Not even once?

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You hear me? Is it too much?

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Sirius and Percy look at each other without knowing what to do now. When the girls went back to their seats Percy found a piece of chocolate cake waiting for her on the table. My treat! Percy speaks to her softly. Percy and Sirius stare at each other. Where is he?


Because none of us saw you around? I always have fun. We just talked and then — then we came back! Nothing happened!

The next morning a battered-looking James is having breakfast when Lily Evans approaches carefully. She clears her throat and James looks at her sideways. Behind her, Emily, Marlene and Jenna all stand in a circle of unity, encouraging Lily to continue.

James takes the opportunity to speak. Just that. Sirius and Percy walk up to them just then, laughing quietly as they reach the table, the three boys stare at them and they stop. Sometimes he forgets that his friends are all adults now, they have jobs and families.

So handsome! Where have you been? Remus stares at the couple in surprise. Black butler dating quotv quotev tiny hand moves up and gently touches his cheek, almost following the tiny scars Remus has gained during his adventures around the globe. Mel is too tiny to look like any of her parents, but for some reason, the thought of her adopting any of his quirks warms his heart.

Or at least one I was able to pick up on. The phases I do remember having: A lot of these I am still very into, just not to the point of complete obsession -Kuroshitsuji phase. I quite detest black butler dating quotv quotev series now partially due to the fandom, partially due to personal stuff with an ex best friend that it was absolutely ruined because that black butler dating quotv quotev our main fandom together.

It was my second anime and I used to roleplay a LOT, and I had to put up with a lot of BS and stuff that made me uncomfortable because I did not want to lose my friends in the community. I learned the hard way that they pretty much kept me around for free art and roleplaying. It was like seeing myself on screen and I hated it. No matter how you look at it, I had a Twilight phase because I put soooooo much time and effort into hating it that I still cringe HARD and I was not even a hardcore anti!

Nowhere near as intense as the anti-Twilight phase, still stupid to have wasted my time hating on it. Nothing good looking mind you, it was year-old DIY skills, but I was proud of it. I also made several versions of Alice black butler dating quotv quotev Wonderland that I would work on, including a horror-themed one I called Rabbit Scissors.

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Harry Potter was and still is one of my biggest fandoms and it was one of the very, very few I genuinely believed was real. Being in a super shitty home growing up, I always hoped that Hagrid or some other teacher would come and whisk me away I recently started to pick back up on writing two of my HP fanfics Between the Lilies and Beyond Autumn.

I even cosplayed Father Anderson for school-albeit a super awful, no-budget cosplay. I black butler dating quotv quotev lorain ohio dating wig so my hair was tied back, the scar was cheap face paint that gave me a rash, the coat was a red choir robe we picked up from Goodwill and my crucifix was a sparkly green Christmas ornament.

I was twelve when we met and he claimed to be from Germany, in the german military, eighteen and a trans dude. Then there was the Sealand stuff. By that time I had forgotten my password and this was back when you could just use fake emails to make accounts because Q did not have a verification process then But yeah, this guy was a fucking piece of dog shit and I was a gullible af kid.

I first fell in love with the Silent Hill music!

Specifically the music from the fourth and third games. I had only known about the first and second games because of my dad, and the Silent Hill movie. I have been watching playthroughs, and so far my favorite ones are SH3 paris viteza dating gratuit SH4, even though a lot of people greatly dislike SH4 and that is putting it lightly I just loved how different they went with it, and as much as people love to rag on Henry, I loved Henry a lot and Walter was surprisingly sympathetic black butler dating quotv quotev a villain.

Dude really just wanted to be with his mom. I first found out about Slenderman because I was doing a thing for art class by illustrating some of the scary stories I was told growing up like Dottie and the Peanut Patch, Cottonmouth, ect. As I got older and more wiser I started writing my own creepypastas and have been kinda in the fandom, but not as strong as I once was.

It was also reading Slenderman fanfiction that I found out about Hetalia. Fun times! This one still holds pretty solid, but I was SO este caleb dating miranda with steampunk that on my fourteenth birthday, my family just got me a bunch of brass and those small cogwheels to make jewelry with along with a steampunk coloring book, because I would NOT shut up about it or the music I found.

I found it again during my steampunk phase and I am still pretty heavy into it, and viteza datând în carolina de nord raleigh first written version o Welcome Home was heavily dieselpunk based.

Got into it in thanks to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island because I was looking up stuff on Dawn who was basically a parody of Luna Lovegood and the article mentioned Wicca so I got curious. Avatar got me into sci-fi and I was so obsessed with the alien designs and it was just so wonderful. It was also how I first black butler dating quotv quotev out about Yaoi. I was aware of slash shipping before this point, but I actually found there was a whole genre. Not anything specific but I was exposed to a lot of things I should not have been black butler dating quotv quotev to.