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Property documents including architectural plans, detailed specifications, and property locations.

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Scanned copies of national ID cards including identifying codes. Requested price of the property. Detailed description of properties including location, surroundings, and local services. Real estate contract showing personal information Scanned ID card showing multiple instances of PII Real estate contract with personal data Who was affected?

The breach exposed more thanrecords but the precise number of people affected by the breach remains unknown. Several discovered records included only buyer or seller information whereas others contained agent information as well. Who Was Leaking the Data?

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Launched inImobiliare is the largest real estate portal in Romania, offering its services to both real estate agencies and individuals across Romania. The company is a subsidiary of Swiss media group Ringier.

According to the company, more than 1, real estate agencies benefit from its services and claims it registers over 1 million unique visitors per month. Imobiliare promotes a selection of properties including newbuilds within modern residential and commercial complexes.

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The company is also active in promoting its services via partnerships with prestigious publications and portals in Romania. Anyone with the correct URL could access the Bucket. It is important to note that the server host Amazon was not at fault for the breach.

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Customer Impact The likely impact on customers could be severe, given the type of information that was leaked. Explicit financial information or details were not leaked, although unauthorised users could property values as a proxy indicator for net wealth.

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With this information, identity theft is the prime concern although other crimes such as burglary are also made more likely by the leak. A combination of full name, address, national ID card and signature are sufficient for nefarious users to conduct identity theft and fraud. Furthermore, personal user details could be used to conduct fraud across other platforms without the victim becoming aware that such activity is occurring. Status of the Data Breach Our research team first reached out to Imobiliare on December 1stand AWS on December 11thbut we never heard back from the company.

A month later, after some additional attempts, we reached out to Ringier who owns Imobiliare on January 10th They got back to us and Imobiliare closed the breach a day after.

Protecting Your Data There was little that Imobiliare users could have done to prevent their data from being leaked. The culpability for black planetcom dating site server black planetcom dating site lies entirely with the company.

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In terms of threat mitigation, users can take proactive steps to improve their cybersecurity by contacting the company they are dealing with and requesting information about how their personal information is being stored, for what duration and under what policy. How and Why We Report on Data Breaches Website Planet is an entity that seeks to help its readers stay safe when using any website or online service.

However, given that most data breaches are never discovered or reported by the affected companies, conveying current risk information can be problematic.

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As a result, we seek to identify existing online vulnerabilities that are putting people at risk, to better prepare them for the risks they face online.

As an organisation, we follow the principles of ethical hacking and we always work within the remit of the law.

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We only investigate unsecured and unprotected databases that were discovered at random. We never target specific companies and we always report all our findings to the appropriate authorities, including the affected companies themselves.

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By reporting these leaks, we help to make the internet safer for everyone. What is Website Planet?

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Website Planet is the number one resource for web designers, digital marketers, developers, and businesses with an online presence. You will find useful tools and resources for everyone, ranging beginners to experts as well as reporting on the latest developments in cybersecurity. Black planetcom dating site and transparency are our top priorities.

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We have an experienced team of ethical security research experts who uncover and disclose serious data leaks as part of a free service for the online community. This has included a vulnerability in a Retail-focused Used Electronics Business and a Hotel reservation platform leaking private data.

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Bethenny Carl Bethenny eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing. She helps clients take charge of brand awareness and create black planetcom dating site generation strategies via a black planetcom dating site of marketing channels, including email, social media, SEO, and content.

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