Borderlands tps

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Misunderstands it's franchises popularity. What was great about the first Borderlands was the prospect of adventure. It was new RPG with customisation and unique gameplay.

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It had good world building that didn't feel like it had jumped the gun, and a central goal: finding the vault - purpose with some story telling. And a few jokes along the way.

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In my first hour of gameplay I spent more time watching cut-scenes Borderlands tps didn't want to watch and listening to inane monologues about garbage I didn't care to listen to, than I actually got to experience the actual gameplay itself. The people who created dialog for this game need to see a psychologist ASAP. Their ideas of funny borderlands tps and nods to pop culture and their own borderlands borderlands tps remind me of an old out-of-touch indie hipster that wrongfully conflates indifference and apathy to their incredibly obnoxious personality, to a lack of intelligence, when in reality, a wacky personality does not equate to good comedy, it's weird, not funny.

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This game tries too hard to make you laugh and fails on all fronts.