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Căsuță cu găzduire oferită de Shivaun And Seth 4 oaspeți · 1 dormitor · 1 pat · Toaletă Întreaga locuință Vei avea căsuță numai pentru tine. Curățenie avansată Această gazdă s-a angajat să respecte procesul de curățenie avansată în coleman lantern dating pași al Airbnb.

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Afișează mai multe Shivaun And Seth este o Super-gazdă Super-gazdele sunt gazde cu experiență, foarte apreciate, care se angajează să ofere oaspeților șederi de excepție. This off grid escape, with a hint of luxury, gives you the chance to be fully present with yourself, and your surroundings.

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The cabin is nestled in a profilul de dating on- line amplasat spot at the back of our beautiful 5 acre piece of property surrounded by rolling hills, views, apple trees, berry bushes and the occasional visit from our neighbors farm animals in the adjoining pasture.

Pure bliss!

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Spațiul Off the grid living is a unique experience that enables you to "unplug" and enjoy nature and be mindful in the simple tasks of everyday living. Having said that, this may not be for everyone, although I truly believe everyone should experience this magic!

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Although we have already meticulously designed, decorated and tweaked our little haven, there will be more to do. We will be continuously making improvements to the landscape, gardens, and trails surrounding the property.

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We will add more cozy outdoor spaces and be planting more ferns and berries throughout. We would love your feedback and suggestions.

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Most often we will be on property and available to check you in and show you the lay of the land. Self Check-In: When you see the Fernberry sign on the huge Maple tree, you will pull in just to the right of the tree, facing the small black garden shed.

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From there, you will follow the map, we will provide you after booking, and the signs. Guests will drive up in the field next to or home and follow a winding mowed pathway up the hill following rustic signs. Please follow this path when heading up to cabin and back out.

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Thank you! Parking - The very last portion is a little steep but can be driven up in just about any car.

AWD is helpful but not necessary during late Spring and Summer. If there is mud, it may be better to park and walk up the last part which is very short distance. Sleeping - There is a queen sized bed coleman lantern dating the sleeping Loft accessed by a post and beam ladder The couch, in the open room, on the main floor opens up into a full sized sleeping bed. Additional space: There is plenty of room on the property to set up a small tent for another couple or kids!!


Yes, this is the real deal! A primitive, hole in the ground, outhouse. You may bring biodegradable wipes if you desire however they need to coleman lantern dating discarded in the garbage can NOT in the toilet. During the time our outdoor shower is not in use, you can wash up using a basin, warm water from stove and a washcloth.

Back to basics! We provide Dr. NO Deet bug repellent allowed. Only natural bug repellent as this may wash off when showering and soak into ground. Kitchen - There is a 20" propane coleman lantern dating in the cabin for use when the weather is not suitable for outdoor cooking.

Coleman lantern dating encourage you to cook outdoors on the charcoal grill and Coleman 2-burner stove provided, if the weather permits. Outdoor sink can be used to wash dishes.

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There is a "compost" trash can underneath sink in cabin where you can put all things compostable such as; any vegetable or plant debris, egg shells, coffee grinds. No MEAT, fats, fish bones or dairy products.

When can is full you can dump in compost bin and give it a turn.