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It is one of the most ancient forms of furniture, dating from the 3rd dynasty of ancient Egypt c. It was common for early Egyptian chairs to have legs shaped like those of animals.

The seats were corded or dished hollowed in wood and topped with a pad or cushion. The ancient Greek klismos was one of the most elegant chair designs. The seat, of plaited cord, was supported on sharply curved sabre-shaped legs, tapering to the feet.

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The horizontal back rail, curved to fit the body, was supported on three uprights. The scissors chair or X-chair, which had a seat supported on an X-shaped frame, dates back at least to Roman times.

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It was especially popular in the 14th and 15th centuries in western Europe and reached great heights of elegance in Italy during blinq dating app android Renaissance. Renaissance chairs were of two principal varieties: those light enough to be moved easily and heavy, thronelike seats used saskatoon dating the head of a household or other important people.

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In Tudor England, the chair for the master of the house, which had a heavy boxlike frame, was placed on a dais in the great hall. Turned shaped on a lathe chairs, which had been used from early times, reached their most elaborate forms at arielle vandenberg lista de întâlniri time, their frames consisting of turned posts and spindles.

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Many chairs in the 16th century depended on upholstery for decoration. Square in outline, this type had a back formed by a pair of uprights spanned by a strip of velvet or brocade trimmed with fringes or a strip of leather, sometimes tooled. The material was held in place by large-headed brass nails.

dating brass nails

In the 17th century large numbers of richly carved chairs were produced. In Italy many pieces of furniture were the work of sculptors, the most outstanding of whom was Andrea Brustolon. His suite of chairs now in the Ca' Rezzonico in Venicewith legs and arms carved as gnarled tree trunks and branches, arms supported by Negro boys with heads and arms of ebony and breeches of boxwood, marked his zenith.

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In France the square lines of 16th-century chairs gradually gave way to more luxurious padding and carved arms ending in scrolls or animals' heads.

During the reign of Louis XIV, furniture became grander.

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Chairbacks became higher and had curved tops, arms were sometimes upholstered, seats were wider and woodwork was finely carved and gilded or painted.

In England the Restoration brought a similar trend toward more luxurious living, but the exuberant styles imported by large numbers of immigrant continental craftsmen had to be modified for English tastes.

dating brass nails

A dating brass nails carved front stretcher became fashionable but was abandoned at the end of the 17th century with the introduction of the cabriole leg. The gently curved back and cabriole legs of chairs first used in the Queen Anne period in England remained popular for half a century. Rococo design showed itself in the ribbonback or ribband-back, chairs chairs whose splats are curved in an intricate pattern of ribbons and bows and French chairs illustrated in Thomas Chippendale's Gentleman and Cabinetmaker's Director, which also recorded the popularity of Gothic and chinoiserie Chinese-style designs.

American furniture adapted simplified versions of English styles from the late 17th century. Windsor chairs were particularly popular in the 18th century and were developed to a greater degree than in England.

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The Neoclassical movement in the s led a return to straight but more dating brass nails lines, with England and France setting the fashion for Europe. Straight tapering and reeded legs and square, oval or shield-shaped backs were the mode.

dating brass nails

The most elegant English chairs of the Regency dating brass nails and French chairs of the Empire period adapted dating brass nails sabre leg of the Greek klismos. French chairs after the Revolution of were much simpler and more austere. England and France continued to dominate chair fashions throughout most of the 19th century, but styles were largely adaptations of those of previous eras.

After World War I, the architect and designer Marcel Breuer developed the first tubular steel chair, a dating brass nails form with a frame made from a continuous tubular strip.

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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chair ofwith its gently curved steel supports and buttoned leather upholstery, is a modern classic. Le Corbusier, a Swiss-born architect, experimented with laminated bentwood chairs, as did the Finn Alvar Aalto. Molded forms were extended to entire chairs in both plywood and plastic by the American Charles Eames and the Finn Eero Saarinen.

dating brass nails

One of the developments of recent years has been an inflatable plastic chair. Seat, usually with four legs and a back, intended for one person. Various styles were developed throughout Europe. In the 16th century, many chairs began to be covered with upholstery over padding and decorated with elaborate wood dating brass nails.

United States chairs adapted versions of English styles from the late 17th century.