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So far, the methyl eugenol rich essential oil of lemon grass was not studied for any biological activities, hence the present study was proposed. This study examined the chemical composition of Cymbopogon khasianus Dating jorhat assam.

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Methyl eugenol rich essential oil a variety of Cymbopogon khasianus Hack. INGR c.

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The essential oil was obtained by hydro-distillation using Clevenger apparatus. Essential oil sample was analyzed and compared its antioxidant DPPH assay, reducing power assayanti-inflammatory Egg albumin denaturation assayantimicrobial Disc diffusion assay, MICgenotoxicity Allium cepa assayand effect on seed germinations seed germination effect with pure methyl eugenol compound ME taken as a standard.

A total of 35 components were detected with a total identified area percentage of Methyl eugenol rich lemongrass EO possesses IC50 Moderate genotoxicity in Allium cepa assay and antimicrobial activity towards the 8 tested microbes was shown by methyl eugenol rich lemon grass essential oil whose effectiveness against the microbes are less effective as compared to dating jorhat assam ME standard.

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Seed germination assay further revealed the herbicidal properties of methyl eugenol rich essential oil.