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Each flare-up is caused by an aggravating factor which may be from the group of foods, drugs, infections, contact allergens, etc. Lately the number of cases diagnosed in children, but dating psychos among adults has grown, and many of these cases were associated with significant impairment of quality of life.

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Mentally and emotionally stress seems to be the key element that closes the cycle of skin lesions of atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis patients being frequently confronted with depressive episodes and anxiety. Measuring instruments for the psychological involvement in patients with atopic dermatitis are limited, but one of the most commonly used is the DLQI score, that allows quantifying the impact of disease on quality of life.

We present correlations found between DLQI score, severity of the disease and psycho-affective impact dating psychos atopic dermatitis.

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KEYWORDS atopic dermatitis, quality of life, depression, anxiety, psycho-affective impact Dating psychos atopica este o entitate clinica extrem de bine definita, cu determinism genetic si evolutie ondulanta, cu perioade de acalmie si perioade de acutizare. Fiecare puseu de acutizare este determinat de un factor agravant, factor ce poate fi din grupa alimentelor, medicamentelor, infectiilor, alergenilor de contact etc.

In ultimul timp numarul cazurilor diagnosticate la copii, dar si in randul adultilor a crescut foarte mult, multe dintre acestea asociind o afectare importanta dating psychos calitatii vietii.

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Stresul psihic, emotional pare a fi elementul-cheie ce inchide cercul vicios al leziunilor cutanate din dermatita atopica, pacientii cu dermatita atopica fiind frecvent confruntati cu episoade depresive, anxioase. Instrumentele de cuantificare a implicarii psihoafective in cazul pacientilor cu dermatita atopica sunt limitate, dar unul dintre cel mai frecvent utilizate este scorul DLQI, ce permite cuantificarea impactului bolii asupra calitatii vietii pacientului.

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Vom prezenta in cele ce urmeaza corelatiile identificate intre scorul Dating psychos, severitatea leziunilor cutanate si impactul psihoafectiv al dermatitei atopice.

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