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Acasă Tech A viru or worm that i infected on your computer can cau e you to end infected e-mailre ulting in automatic replie about the detected viru. Alternatively, another computer may be poofing your e-mai Conţinut Automatic reply examples A virus or worm that is infected on your computer can cause you to poofing dating infected e-mails, resulting in automatic replies about the detected virus.

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Alternatively, another computer may be spoofing your e-mail address to send viruses or worms. When a network or user detects an e-mail virus, it may automatically send you a reply to inform you.

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Below are examples of automatic replies. Automatic reply examples The following is an example of an poofing dating reply about a detected e-mail virus: This message is to warn you that your computer system may have a virus present and should be checked. In the above example, the automatic reply Sobig virus may have also poofing dating movie.

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Note If your computer is infected with a virus or worm, notify all your e-mail contacts. Alert them that their computers are infected, so they can choose to scan and remove the virus on their computers. Note Some virus protection programs may also send your e-mail account a virus when someone else attempts to send you a poofing dating.

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These messages are meant as notification messages to let you know that an e-mail was blocked.